We consider it an Alpha build. As it's a demo, the structure and features aren't 100% representative of the final game.
(Floors 1 to 5 are a 'slices' of each section of the tower, each section being made up of more floors in the final game.)

Note: on the End of Run screen, the Quick Restart option will keep all your credits and upgrades. Be quick or you'll get reset to the main menu after 30 seconds (after the video plays).

There are some known issues
- Some UI elements don't display correctly in non-16:9 resolutions
- Mouse/Keyboard controls are disabled
- The game only natively supports Xbox 360 pads

We hope to improve controller support soon.

You can use a wired Xbox 360 pad or Wireless pad with a PC wireless receiver - it will work out of the box.
It may also work with a Xbox One pad, but this is untested.

Using a Dualshock 4 on PC involves a bit of a convoluted setup that takes 30-60 mins, but this site has a straightforward step by step guide:

You can also use a PS3 pad with BetterDS3 to emulate a Xbox 360 pad (You need to install MotionJoy drivers though...)

MotionJoy :(  - you only need this to install the drivers on the connected port

If you have any issues, please let us know.

Thanks for taking the time to play our game!