Blast, boost, slide and shoot your way past hordes of Avian Warbots as a super-agile  Cyber-Flamingo! Featherpunk Prime is a twin-stick shooter-platformer with tight and responsive controls, an array of powerful weaponry and upgradable abilities. Ascend the tower, take down Cybirdroid and free the flamingos!

Lock... Load... Flamingooooo!!!

Be a badass Cyber-Flamingo!
Tight and responsive controls are combined with a range of moves; you can boost through the air, slide under projectiles, cling to walls, dodge attacks, crawl through ducts. Or stand on one leg.

Challenging Combat
Combat grows more intense as you ascend the tower, yet more rewarding as you hone your skills and learn strategies to eliminate enemies. Use your surrounding level wisely and make sure you prioritise the right foes.

Find space between bullets, dodge projectiles and be wary of warbots hunting you down!

Unleash a mighty weapons arsenal! 
Every floor gives you a new weapon from the ultimate arsenal. Wield classics such as the Shotgun, Minigun or Crossbow, or unleash Bouncing Bullets, Remote Mines and Heat-Seeking Rockets!


Brutal Boss Battles
The Cybirdroid Guardians are programmed to kill! They'll unleash relentless waves of attacks; you'll need to stay on your claws and use all you have learnt to take them down. Eliminate them to unlock checkpoints and upgrades, like the Shockwave Attack or Overdrive Mode!

Unlocks and Upgrades
 Collect Tekcells from defeated enemies and egg pods to buy new abilities and upgrades, such as increased firepower, faster reloads and increased critical hit damage. 


Randomised Tower Layout
Each time you enter the configuration is new, offering fresh routes to the exit. The Cybirdroid tower is constructed from carefully hand crafted sections, connected together differently each time you enter. You'll also encounter various traps and hazards so stay alert!

Totally original soundtrack from
Featuring a stack of killer Electro-Avian Disco beats!
Music by  composers Ben Ziapour and JoeSound. 

You can purchase the soundtrack on Bandcamp

Full controller support
Play with a gamepad or mouse/keyboard, with full button configuration for both

Fully animated cut scenes
The flamingo rescue mission is told through fully animated cut scenes. Squawk!

Fully localised for the following languages:
English, FrançaisEspañolDeutsch,
 Italiano, Русский, Polski and العربية

At our core, we are a two man team of ex-Sony developers who are passionate about creating exciting and engaging games for gamers.


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Stephen Payne

I spent 8 years in the video games industry as an animator working on large projects (my last being Playstation VR). After levelling up my skills and knowledge whilst working with the talented animation team at Sony, I decided to go Indie! I wanted to focus on the areas of games that I've enjoyed so much as a gamer since first picking up a Mega Drive controller. Having previously co-created A Tale of Rock, I knew how rewarding a smaller project of this nature would be. Me and Dan brainstormed a range of ideas and settled on Featherpunk Prime. My role at Super Hatch is to create the artwork and co-design the game. My plate is full, but I'm enjoying every bite. Game on!
Dan Jeffery
Before forming Super Hatch with Stephen I also worked at Sony, most recently working with VR; working on projects such as The Deep and The London Heist. I worked as a Gameplay programmer for eight years, working on a few projects in my spare time. I managed to win the odd competition and release some smaller games. I had an overwhelming desire to create more personal games, with smaller teams, devoting all my time to creating something kick-ass!     


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