Available August 2016
PC - MAC - PlayStation 4

 Featherpunk Prime is a challenging action platformer mega mission; procedural levels, colossal boss fights and an array of crazy characters. It's one super-agile Robo-Flamingo against a horde of avian warbots; some fast, some explosive... All bezerk! Ascend the tower, take down the tyrannical overlord and free the prisoners. Access a huge arsenal of upgradeable weaponry, awesome powers and game changing perks. Oh. and Buddy; your personal armoured sidekick. Lock... Load... Flamingooooo!!!
Currently in development 

Large array of weapons
Every floor pick a new weapon or keep the one you've got. Choose from miniguns to crossbows that fire explosive bolts
Randomised level layout
Every time you enter the tower it changes around you. No floor is the same.

Be a badass Flamingo
 Play as a super agile Flamingo, navigating the Tower by jumping, sliding and clinging to walls. Upgrade your abilities as you progress.

Upgrade your companion
Buddy will help you out on your mission. Shooting down enemies. Get that extra fire power when you need it, buddy's got your back.

We are a two man team of ex-Sony developers who are passionate about creating exciting and engaging games for gamers.

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